Above are the unique Mercator projection images, created for print advertising. We call them ERIs or EquiRectangular Images. To view the eye-catching 360 panoramic Virtual Images we create for Web sites, please click here. Have fun!

Virtual Image Pricing

360-USA.com Virtual Images and relative product pricing


Virtual Images (VI) at location of your choice

One 360º  Virtual Image                    $149.00
Each additional VI (same location)    $119.00

Package A:   5 Virtual Image             $ 599.00
Package B: 10 Virtual Images            1099.00
Package C: 20 Virtual Images            1999.00

With Virtual Image 360º shoot

EquiRectangular Images (ERIs) for print advertising

1st ERI                                                $99.00
2nd ERI                                                 89.00
3rd ERI (and thereafter)                         69.00

Tripod Cap Manipulation

Masking - no logo                                  $ 99.00
Custom masking with client logo             159.00

Digital Still Photography of Virtual Image shoot/location

 2048 x 1536 pixels @300 dpi JPG or 10 MB TIFF

Per image                                                   $49.00

Digital Still Prints of Virtual Image shoot/location

Available on photographic premium matte or
glossy photo paper

Per Image                                               $ 29.00

Digital Still Images (without Virtual Image shoot)

Two images                                              $125.00
Three images                                             160.00
Each additional image                                  30.00

Fee - $100 per hour     Travel - $1 per mile